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Welcome to the

Brazos, New Mexico

South of Chama, New Mexico
on HWY 512
HC 75 Box 117
Chama, NM 87520


  • For specific questions regarding the Upper Brazos Property Owners Association, go to Contact Us or Email Roger Shinnick
  • For specific questions regarding the Brazos Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association, INC., contact John Hoffman at or call him at 505-672-9593.

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Mrs. Rose Huntsman acquired the Brazos Lodge Estates through a land grant and had been operating a chiropractic treatment center in the area for many years. Her first husband built twelve original cabins (some of which are still being used today) and the original furniture by hand, from the trees in the area.

The Brazos Lodge Corporation was formed by Ray Knapp and Bob Hobson, principal stockholders in a 19-man corporation in December of 1961. They purchased 1000 acres including the Brazos Lodge from Mrs. Huntsman and her son Charles Sableman. The original plans for the area included skiing, ice skating, riding stables, golfing, fishing and an indoor swimming pool, with rental cabins and a restaurant available year round.

The Brazos Lodge Corporation began selling land to interested parties in late 1961. The first cabins on the purchased lots were begun in the summer of 1962. There was no water or electricity that first summer. Most of the sawing was done by hand and water was carried from the Brazos Lodge area. The roads were only trails at the time. By 1963 water and electricity became available to some areas.

The Upper Brazos Property Owner's Association (UBPOA) was formed in 1971 to protect the property of the area after a series of break-ins to several cabins. The Association encourages activities to promote a neighborly environment aas well as preserve the natural surronding as much as possible..
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The Upper Brazos Property Owner's Association is an organization comprised of property owners in the Brazos Lodge Estates area. The Associations purpose is to provide group services to the property owners. It is governed by an elected board, with each member serving a three-year term. The board consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and five general board members. The board follows guidelines set forth in the UBPOA By-Laws and Covenants.

Membership dues are paid yearly to cover expenses. All paid members receive an annual membership sticker. All Upper Brazos residents are encouraged to join the Association and to share in its responsibilities. The Association itself owns properties in the area on which the Wil-Rin Pond and the storage shed are located. The Association pays Rio Arriba taxes and a liability insurance policy on these properties.

Deer Food Storage Shed

The Association maintains a deer feed fund, made up of donations. This fund is utilized to feed the deer throughout the winter. The area deer herd is protected since no hunting is allowed in the area. All New Mexico Fish and Game Department laws apply in this area.

WIl-Rin Pond
Wil-Rin Pond

The Association also maintains a pond fund, also made of donations. This fund is available to pond maintenance and repair as needed. The Wil-Rin Pond and the Brazos River are stocked by the state.

The New Mexico State Highway Department maintains State Road 512. The Association encourages members to contact the Highway Department for any concerns about road conditions. All other roads are private property of the area and must be maintained by the property owners.

The annual UBPOA membership meeting is held in the Brazos in the spring. Elections of board members are held at this meeting. The Association has a potluck picnic each Labor Day in the Brazos . All property owners are encouraged to attend any or all of these events.

The Association sends out periodic newsletters to inform its members of any items concerning the area, including the scheduling of the various activities.

Any suggestions, comments, ideas or discussion of problems you may have are welcome. Please direct your comments to Contact Us.
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The Administrative Fund is made up of money received from annual dues. Bills paid from this fund are:

  • Rio Arriba taxes on the deer shed and pond
  • Liability insurance on the deer shed and pond
  • State Corporation annual fee
  • Printing and mailing costs of the periodic newsletters
  • Costs of the annual dues stickers
  • Picnic and other events food and supplies
  • Winter snow plowing charges (from SR 512 to deer shed)
  • Web Site expenses
  • Miscellaneous expenses


The Road Fund is made up of donations received. Bills paid from this fund are:

  • Roadwork and maintenance on all area roads (except SR 512 and Enchantarama roads)
  • Maintenance and placement of area road signs


Big Buck in Velvet
Big Buck 6 X 5
Deer Shed
Storage Shed

The Deer Fund is made up of donations received. Bills paid from this fund are:

  • Deer feed during winter
  • Maintenance on the storage shed


Wil-Rin Pond
Wil-Rin Pond

The Pond Fund is made up of donations received. Bills paid from this fund are:

  • Repairs and upkeep to the pond

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Nomination Form for New Board Members
We always need help from members to serve on our Board.
Please feel free to nominate a member or yourself.

Board Members as of June 30, 2013
Cell Phone
Cabin Phone
Roger Shinnick
505 -296-8341
Vice President
Janis Chafins
505- 610-1381
575- 588-9538
John Holtry
Carol Schultz
Member Lynne Graham
Member Mary Cudek 505-238-2382 - -

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